charging station


1) Check out our Charging Station. This Charging Station includes 8 Portable Chargers - each 10,000 mAh - each including a 3-in-1 cord (Apple, Micro USB & Type C) - each with YOUR CUSTOM LOGO

> The chargers are loaned out to customers so they can charge their device. The customer has the option of purchasing the charger with the 3-in-1 cord; this retails for $50.00

> When the Portable Chargers are returned, simply place them back in the Charging Station and the sensors will automatically start recharging the chargers.

> When supply is running low, let us know and we will ship refills... easy as that!


2) We attend 300+ trade shows every year, testing out new product, finding what's popular, and provide FREE cell phone charging to every single customer. 

> We collect their ID and loan them a portable charger with the cord for their device.

> When they return the charger, we give their ID back. They have the opportunity to purchase a portable charger along with our Incredible Cord providing them with a lifetime guarantee.

> Having the best quality products allows us to continue to exhibit in the 300+ trade shows a year, we also understand that the longer a customer stays, the more likely they are to spend money - which is beneficial for everyone! Restraunts, Golf Courses, Bars, Fairs, Festivals, Home Shows, Car Shows, Boat Shows, etc. Let us know if you are interested in Test Market Exhibiting at your event!